More boat storage services from E-Z Boat to make your boating life more enjoyable!

Repairs and Maintenance

Several Boat Mechanic and Repair yards are within short driving distance from E-Z Boat Storage. These shops have arrangements allowing them to transport your boat with “authorization” to their respective repair locations. Your boat is returned to your securely locked stall after repairs are completed. Therefore you will not be required to “trailer” your boat for repairs. However, a simple “authorization form” is required for security reasons. E-Z Boat provides more boat storage services so your concerns can be minimal.

Miscellaneous Boating Services

  1. Independent Contractors provide Boat Detailing and Cleaning.
  2. Major boat dealers around Houston provide boat demos.
  3. E-Z maintains affiliations with Lake Conroe boating businesses and maintenance specialists (see Partner Links).
  4. Texas Boat Sales provides independent brokerage and repair services at our facility (located a few hundred yards from your boat).
lake conroe boat storage and launching services

E-Z Boat maintains a dedicated and covered area for washing and rinsing boats. The wash station is available for use to our tenants 24/7. Many on our staff are skilled detailers and will make your boat look the way you want it to. Contact management to arrange for this service.