Boat Storage on Lake Conroe

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Superior Insect Controlled Lake Conroe Boat Stalls

We are located right off of FM 1097 bridge on the edge of the Sam Houston National Forest. 

Our deep, breakwatered boat ramps can launch and retrieve up to 5 boats at a time. Our deep channels assure access to Lake Conroe at any pool level.

Park and lock your vehicle inside the stall as our trained “valet” attendants trailer your party from the stall to the lake, park your trailer, then await your return.

We are and always will be a family business. Our family was part of the creation of Lake Conroe and we love calling it home. 


Dry Boat Storage

Our boat storage on Lake Conroe will keep your boat secure & safe.

Valet Launches

Trained tractor drivers pull your boat in and out of the water. 

Fuel Discount

At the closest and best fuel dispensing dock on Lake Conroe – loaded with 3 grades of fuel.

lake conroe boat storage and launching services
boat storage lake conroe and launching services

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4.4 Stars - Based on 74 User Reviews
  • Jeff Joyce AvatarJeff Joyce

    Great place. Eazy to launch boat and store! - 8/28/2021 

  • John Schweitzer AvatarJohn Schweitzer

    If you love to go boating but hate the hassle of going to get your boat launching your boat loading your boat taking it back... read more - 8/15/2021 

  • Charlotte Sanders AvatarCharlotte Sanders

    Very efficient and helpful employees. - 7/03/2021 

  • Christian Dobbins AvatarChristian Dobbins

    What a great experience! Pulled up, called the guys on the radio, they came with a tractor, hooked onto the boat, launched us at... read more - 4/17/2021 

  • J W AvatarJ W

    Guys that work there are on point. Place is clean. - 9/07/2020 

  • Jarrett Welborn AvatarJarrett Welborn

    Guys that work there are on point. Place is clean. - 9/07/2020 

  • Robert Dillon AvatarRobert Dillon

    The storage facilities are very clean and affordable. The Valet service is great. The guys go above and beyond every time we launch. My only... read more - 8/18/2020 

  • C Small AvatarC Small

    I think it's an awesome service. And place! - 8/07/2020 

  • Avery Ballard AvatarAvery Ballard

    Easily one of the best storage and launch facilities on the lake with a great staff and owners. - 7/18/2020 

  • xblade1998 m Avatarxblade1998 m

    Very fast and nice service I never have to worry about anything just call the guys and they do the rest - 6/08/2020 

  • Stacey Benson AvatarStacey Benson

    This place does a great job - 6/08/2020 

  • Dennis Turskey Sr. AvatarDennis Turskey Sr.

    Great service and launch - 9/08/2019 

  • Kadexx __ AvatarKadexx __

    I worked for this company for 6 years and I'm missing it every day. Amazing place, will always visit all of my friends. - 9/08/2019 

  • Nichola Claghorn AvatarNichola Claghorn

    We kept our boat here for around 10 years. The valet service is fantastic. The employees are quick and professional. And the place is clean... read more - 9/08/2019 

  • A Google User AvatarA Google User

    Great service and launch - 9/03/2019 

  • Jennifer Ronzello AvatarJennifer Ronzello

    Really great service. The staff are awesome and super nice. We had a battery problem, and one of the staff offered to change out the... read more - 8/08/2019 

  • Tammy Eide AvatarTammy Eide

    Convenient - 8/08/2019 

  • Scott Largent AvatarScott Largent

    Absolutely the best way to boat on lake conroe. It takes the headache of boating completely out of the picture. No more trailering,... read more - 8/08/2018 

  • Ms Heartlily AvatarMs Heartlily

    Great staff ! The valet launches are priceless. The young men down there are great. - 8/08/2018 

  • Chris E AvatarChris E

    Have had our boat at their storage for two years now. I have to say the staff has ALWAYS been accommodating and helpful to... read more - 8/08/2017 

  • Hewitt Clarke AvatarHewitt Clarke

    IIn top - 8/08/2017 

  • Gerard Smith AvatarGerard Smith

    Great valet service. - 8/08/2017 

  • A Google User AvatarA Google User

    Great valet service. - 6/13/2017 

  • A Google User AvatarA Google User

    Have had our boat at their storage for two years now. I have to say the staff has ALWAYS been accommodating and helpful to... read more - 10/13/2016 

  • Daniel C AvatarDaniel C

    Great service but expensive. Also the walkie talkies never seem to be working. - 8/08/2016 

  • Joe Reich AvatarJoe Reich

    Clean facilities and friendly staff makes for a great day on the water every time. - 8/08/2015 

facebook logoE-Z Boat Storage & Valet LaunchE-Z Boat Storage & Valet Launch
4.9 Stars - Based on User Reviews
  • Todd Mazakas AvatarTodd Mazakas

    positive review  Leo and the team do an AMAZING job! They are like family and take great care of us! - 5/27/2018 

  • Lindsay King AvatarLindsay King

    - 5/10/2018 

  • Laura Balzekas AvatarLaura Balzekas

    Valet service is the only way to go out on a boat! - 11/02/2016 

  • Sandy Nelson AvatarSandy Nelson

    - 10/19/2016 

  • Teresa Titterington AvatarTeresa Titterington

    - 12/10/2013 

  • Bart Richardson AvatarBart Richardson

    Best in the area. Located on Lake Conroe. Valet service is unsurpassed. - 11/27/2013 

  • Lisa Posluszny Meyer AvatarLisa Posluszny Meyer

    - 11/21/2013 

  • Katarzyna Smolny-Bagley AvatarKatarzyna Smolny-Bagley

    - 8/29/2013 

  • Mark Santos AvatarMark Santos

    - 7/24/2013 

Reviews from our Visitors

  • we appreciate everything and love your services and you guys at the launch are completely professional and great at customer service. Thank you for everything.

    SHARRI MANNINO 5/20/2020

    A-1 service all the time! EZ Boat is simply the best I’ve been renting storage for sometime at EZ Boat now and I’ve been around EZ Boat since 2006 and it’s been great all these years. I highly recommend them... read more

    Adam Nedelka 10/19/2019

    I appreciate all the great years of service and will be sure to return in the near future.

    Andres Marmol 6/17/2019

    I have been a tenant now for 14 years and have never had a problem with service. This is a top notch outfit and I am so pleased how easy Leo and his team make boating such a pleasure. Leo... read more

    Joe Macaluso 4/21/2018
  • Leo & Team, We just wanted to take a moment to say a big Thank You for the Exceptional Service for 2016. You and your Team (sorry we cannot name everyone) make our boating experience such a pleasure. We have... read more

    John & Sidonia Golden 12/21/2016

    We have been tenants since 2/2016 with our 24’ Cabin Cruiser and since 5/2016 with our 17’ Jet Boat. If you have to store your boat this is the way to go – “Valet Launch there is no substitute” The... read more

    John & Sidonia Golden 6/26/2016

    I stored a boat there for about 10 years while living overseas and was able to enjoy it hassle free on the limited occasions my family and I were home on annual vacation. Never had it broken into and the... read more

    Paul Ravesies 3/18/2014

    Very well run facility, good service. My only dissatisfaction is no late night service.

    Greg Yakim 3/12/2014
  • You guys do a great job with friendly people and great service!!!

    Tony Piercey 3/09/2014

    Their service is a marriage saver. For years I had to rely on the wife to pull the truck and trailer out of the water or back it in and it was a catastrophe nearly every time. Now it is... read more

    Keith J. Smith 3/09/2014

    Great place. I've had my boat here for 14+ years.

    Bill Stanford 3/09/2014

    Overall satisfied with the service. My favorite guy is "Leo".

    Salvador Figueroa 3/08/2014
  • Love EZ Storage. We are not at all proficient at moving our boat around on the trailer so we count on the experts. Always great to just hop in and leave the work up to the great valets. The facility... read more

    Rhonda 3/07/2014

    My total boating / fishing experience is always better because of the excellent courteous assistance from the valets and tractors that handle launching tasks. Your facility is second to none and I have happily recommended your services to several other boaters.

    John H. Cothren 3/07/2014

    Great website and excellent storage facilities. Only request is that you provide late night valet services just for July 4th. Thank you!!

    Paul Yerby 3/06/2014

    These guys are friendly and awesome. Clean, safe and reliable. Perfect environment for a new boat owner.

    Alan 3/06/2014

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Should you or your boat need a marina wet slip, The Palms Marina is where you want to go. (recommendation is biased as we are both owned by the same family). As another side note, some of the information and data shown on this website comes from, owned and operated by one of our family members, as well. In this regard, the display of that data is not biased or skewed in favor of any business.