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Fishing on Lake Conroe has been picking up for the past weeks. The water is clear in the main lake and a little cloudy from the run-off in the back waters. The water temperature at the dam has been running 60 degrees early in the morning and warms up as the day progresses. The level is 200.26 feet, and no water is being released, according to the San Jacinto River Authority. The pool is 201 feet above mean sea level.

Black bass have been found at depths of 1-15 feet. Texas or Carolina rigged worms in Watermelon, Pumpkin, Black/Blue or Junebug are the best soft plastic producers. Anglers are getting results fishing shallow in the nesting areas. Later in the day the bass can be found deeper around brush, boat docks and other structure at 15-18 feet deep.

Crappie are being caught on the brush piles at 15-22 feet. Large crappie are being caught on minnows at that depth. As with the toilet paper at the stores, some mindless anglers are reported by the marinas as making as many as three trips a day, buying 8-10 dozen minnows at a time and stripping the nests of crappie. Apparently size is not too much concern either. Some are wondering where our game wardens are.

Catfish are excellent on chicken liver anywhere on the lake at 20-30 feet deep. They are on baited holes, main river and creek edges. The size of fish caught has been reported to be 1-4 pounds, although one blue cat was caught on a rod that weighed 18 pounds on a trip guided by Phillip James.

Hybrids are suspended at 20-30 feet, over humps in the main lake. The best bait is 5/8 ounce spoons, like Charlie’s Slab or a Branson Bug, in white or chartreuse, vertically jigged or trolled. Some are being caught with the catfish on chicken liver.

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