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Fishing on Lake Conroe is up and down with the weather fronts and species you are looking to catch. The water is clear and the water temperature at the dam has been running 52 degrees early in the morning. The water level is 198.67 feet and no water is being released according to the San Jacinto River Authority. Pool is 201 feet above mean sea level.

Black bass fishing kind of bottomed out last weekend which has been attributed to the weather front that passed through. Sunday’s tournament had a winning stringer of 24 pounds but only two teams weighed in anything. Crank baits around the boat docks are good starting lure as are Carolina rigged soft plastics in watermelon red around brush piles and riprap. The bass are there it just takes a little thinking and a lot of work to get them to bite, and if your normal approach isn’t working, try something new and different.

Catfish are excellent and can be found on baited holes in 12 to 25 feet of water. Fishing with chicken liver is working well on baited holes as is shrimp in dip baits. The catfish caught now are running from 1 to 4 pounds on the average. James Tucker at Stow-A-Way Marina said he has a party of three out last week and they caught 75 catfish in 3 hours.

Crappie are biting hit-and-miss once again. They are on brush and other structure at a depth of 12 to 25 feet. The best bait seems to be minnows although jigs will work for anglers who are proficient with them and if the wind lies down.

Hybrid Stripers (Palmetto bass) are slow to bite. They will occasionally bite on chicken livers down with the catfish on the baited holes and will occasionally hit a minnow down with the crappie.

Bream are once again biting and meal worms or night crawlers are the best bait. Large hand size bream are being caught on the deep brush with the crappie and with the deep catfish.

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