LeBlanc: The Thermocline in lake water

Conroe Courier/ September 8, 2021

It is not unusual at this time of year to see in my fishing report that the Thermocline on Lake Conroe is at 16 or 20 feet, or some other depth in that general range, and many folks have no idea to what I am referring.

LeBlanc: It’s hot, but catfish are still biting

Conroe Courier/ August 25, 2021

There was a song written back around 1931 about “Mad dogs and Englishmen going forth in the noon day sun” written by Noel Coward. In reality here in Southeast Texa,s most civilized folks who can help it do not venture forth in …

OUTDOORS: Summertime fishing on Lake Conroe

Conroe Courier/ June 23, 2021

Summertime is not the easiest fishing time on Lake Conroe, or any other lake in Texas for that matter, but it is not bad.
The fish are still there, but their patterns change so we anglers must adapt to those cha…

LeBlanc: Fish tales that are seldom heard

Conroe Courier/ April 14, 2021

Recently I was participating in a high-level, highly technical conference when some information came to light that I feel those who are deeply seated in the love and lore of outdoor activities might find interesting. This high-…

LeBlanc: Fine tune your rods, hooks and lures

Conroe Courier/ September 16, 2020

Fishing rods can be one of the most abused products that you can find almost anywhere, with the possible exception of screw drivers. Screw drivers are used for chisels, scrapers, pry bars, and even screw drivers. Fishing rods a…

LeBlanc: New fishing lure introduced at ICAST

Conroe Courier/ August 1, 2018

Every summer, ICAST has their big to do over in Florida and fishing people from all over the world go to see the new goodies in the fishing world, so as you can imagine the lure companies come out with all kinds of new lures…

Why Lake Conroe is full of monster fish

Conroe Courier/ March 30, 2018

There are monsters lurking in Lake Conroe.On March 20, biologists with Texas Parks and Wildlife caught a 42-inch blue catfish during a survey of the lake.In 2016, the same team photographed a 52-inch beast that is likely still there, waiting for the ri…

LeBlanc: Toyota ShareLunker Program Debuts Mobile App

Conroe Courier/ January 10, 2018

I guess that every bass angler in the great state of Texas has by now heard of the changes made to the ShareLunker Program that started January 1, 2018. In case you haven’t let me highlight for you the new four new classes in the updated program.Lunker…

LeBlanc: The impact of bass taken from the nest

Conroe Courier/ February 8, 2017

We are rapidly approaching the spawning time for black bass and just about all species of fish in Lake Conroe. I have even heard rumors, but not seen, bass that were caught and had eggs already and it is only early February.The…

LeBlanc: What fishing means to our area and country

Conroe Courier/ January 13, 2016

I believe that everyone in Montgomery Counties will have to agree that the constructions of the reservoir known as Lake Conroe has been a great asset and major contributor to the strong, positive economic growth of our area since it was compl…

LeBlanc: How to identify white bass

Conroe Courier/ August 26, 2014

Last week I received an email from Clayton Lemmons who with his family has recently moved to Walden. He sent me some pictures of a fish and said he thought it was a white bass and asked me if I could identify it for sure. For those who read t…

Florida black bass stocked in Lake Conroe

Conroe Courier/ July 23, 2013

The Seven Coves Bass Club assisted the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in stocking more than 600,000 Florida strain black bass fingerlings in Lake Conroe over a two-week period earlier this month.
The fingerlings were placed mainly in the…

LeBlanc: Top ten bass lakes in Texas

Conroe Courier/ January 15, 2013

Today I thought I would approach the subject of bass fishing lakes in the great state of Texas and see how our lake, Lake Conroe, shapes up against the others.

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